Expels UP TO 20 Kilos. 1

Losing weight quickly is undoubtedly the dream of more than one person, which is why there are thousands of treatments that help you burn fat without so much effort. It is for this reason that in order for you to achieve this goal we bring you a recipe that you will like and that will help you lose those extra kilos in a matter of days.

To achieve this, it is very important that you do it following all the recommendations that we are going to show you below, you can also complement it with an exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Infusions to lose weight at night

Can you lose weight at night? The answer is yes. And infusions can help enhance this fluid loss.


Chamomile is one of the most consumed drinks due to its benefits. In addition to helping you lose fat, chamomile is very relaxing. It is also anti-inflammatory, helps strengthen hair and is perfect for reducing conjunctivitis.

Warm water with cinnamon and honey

Drinking this infusion with cinnamon and honey will help us fall asleep better and at the same time lose weight. In addition, as it is so digestive, it improves blood pressure and blood circulation.

rose tea

Like green tea, rose tea is one of those with the most antioxidants. This will help us lose weight easily. The advantage of rose tea is that we can drink it at night, since it does not have theine.

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon has many health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory spice, meaning it will help you de-bloat and reduce your overall physical stress load. It also helps increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar, two vital factors for weight loss. So if you want something sweet after dinner, a cup of cinnamon tea may be the ideal solution!